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Kim, you have a remarkable combination of intuition, passion and commitment. Thank you for inspiring me to work on my own mind and live my best possible life ~ Olivia Bareham, America

The work I had with my very first clients was so transformative. She ended up having 3 deep inner-work sessions with me, and all the 3 issues were completely solved. Not only that, the issues she did not come to me for were also addressed (the pain on her right torso), to the amazement of us both.

(On a side note: It later on happened more and more to my clients, and their loved ones too (crazy, huh? Even without me seeing their loved ones as clients), the domino and ripple effects are mind blowing)

It was so powerful that she ended up taking the same path to become a therapist in the same modality. Later on in my healer’s path, quite a few of my clients have also chosen a new career path in the same modality, which makes me very happy, seeing what the word needs most (more worker bees healers like me who help more people healed emotionally and physically) is being fulfilled with me contributing my tiny part in it.

Some clients became a brand new healer, and some have already been in the wellness profession and found this modality the ‘missing piece’ of their work.

This first client also referred many clients to me, so did the clients that came from her, and my practice kept growing from there. A testament to the impact of genuine healing.

Here is my clients’ stories in their own words (some names have been changed for privacy)




Thuy Nguyen, Vietnam

For over 5 years, Lan has relied heavily on sleeping pills every night to fall to sleep. After 1.5 month treatment with Kim: no more sleeping pills, happy sleeper of 7 straight hours a night on average.

On her one year follow up: I sleep very deeply now, 6-7 hours each night. And I fall asleep very easily.


Kenji Takahashi, Hawaii

You are an incredibly gifted healer. Had a good cry this morning. Everything is unfolding beautifully. The recording is so spot on !!


Leon Suarez, Argentina

In this day and age, we have a trapped mentality of What can I consume so that I can feel better, healthier: a new gadget, some supplements, a trip somewhere, a new cure for my issue. . . ,

It’s time to focus on: What can I let go of whether it is a notion, a belief, a habit, some parasites, certain drink, certain relationship . . . So Kim’s approach speaks to me greatly.

And her delivery is way beyond any expectation. I am being healed mentally and physically. Her detox protocol rids me of some yeast overgrowth that I never knew I had.

I feel lighter, sleep much better at night and my shoulder pain is gone. It is all related. Our body is a miracle. Treat it sacredly and it will thank you by being happy and pain-free.


Thea Nathan, England

I have known Kim Dang for the past four years, and I can honestly say she is one of the kindest people I have ever met; she is also an exceptional Therapist. Kim has a way of making you feel completely safe and supported, which is essential when holding space for deep psychological healing.

I had two RTT sessions with Kim, and I can honestly say the issue I wanted to resolve has completely gone. Yes, completely gone!

I have been a Reiki Master for over 20 years, I have received and witnessed deep healing, RTT went beyond my expectations; it addressed the very root of my issue and completely turned it around. The 21-day personal recording Kim made for me really anchored the new insights gleaned from my sessions, and I am left feeling empowered, energetic, and focused in an easeful, relaxed way.

I enrolled to become an RTT Therapist myself due to the ongoing positive results I am seeing, and feeling unfold day by day!


Sara Mun, France

At the time I contacted Kim I had been struggling for many years with symptoms of chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression and a debilitating lack of motivation and self-belief. This had resulted in numerous instances in self-sabotage in professional and relationship setbacks. I had tried many forms of therapy throughout the years with no lasting progress and when I contacted Kim I was taking medication for ADHD and was still noticing no improvement in my energy and concentration levels so I was desperate to find a solution, and fast. Aged 35 I was in despair about wasting my life and struggling to find ways of getting out of bed and managing daily activities.

Within one month of seeing Kim the transformation has been drastic. I find myself with much more energy and motivation and am able to get out of bed early and work steadily throughout the day with full focus. Almost for the first time in my life I feel I have a chance to be happy and successful. I have been able to come off my ADHD medication and completed my dissertation which I had been struggling with for two years without making much progress due to my blocks and fears of failure.

In addition I have stopped ruminating on my job loss earlier this year and I am undertaking training to become an energy healer. Every day I feel much healthier and more excited about my life and future and I now realise with crystal clarity the importance of giving my mind positive suggestions through hypnosis in order to rewire my brain and therefore change the long-seated habits of a lifetime.

Kim was so convincing in her belief in my capacity to heal that she removed all my doubts and fears and made me truly inspired by my ability to live a great life for almost the first time ever.

Whilst in theory I had heard that thoughts control the mind I had never actually been able to change my own underlying beliefs in a sustained way. Kim is the first person who has shown me how to literally change my life through altering my thoughts in my subconscious and my conscious mind. She has a rare ability to get to the heart of the issue and knows exactly which questions to ask.

The beautiful and inspiring recording she gave me to listen to following our session was full of positive reinforcement statements that are now becoming a reality in my life.

Thank you so much Kim for helping me out of the shadows and into the light, I am so excited to finally feel I am curating my life!

On her two year follow up:

I feel the creativity is coming back and I feel overall much happier and more energised! I also had a week in Majorca and have been making money consistently. Also I am still off the ADHD medication 🙂 Working on even more dreams coming true now and I know they will as I have more clarity now!

Thank you so much for your amazing help 🙂


Yasmine Aladdin, Egypt

I have had an amazing transformative session with Kim about weight loss where she managed to help me release some heavy childhood memories regarding my self-image. She is smart, empathetic and makes you feel comfortable and hopeful from just tuning in to her vibrational energy. I started thinking less about food and I ended the session feeling way better. Above all, Kim is so keen on genuinely healing, not just finishing the session, she has given me enough time to remember, feel, release my baggage and ground myself. You are certainly in for some excellent experience and a compassionate human being. I believe compassion is the basic element of any behavioural change.

1 month follow up: Yasmine has lost 15 lbs and her weight continues to drop slowly and surely.


Lisa Hurst, America

I had been procrastinating on completing some things I really wanted to finish. I was frustrated and needed to move ahead.

Kim helped me recognize why I was allowing that to happen. It came from an old belief I had but didn’t realize I had. So, I don’t have that belief anymore. I moved ahead immediately and am thrilled about what’s ahead for me. Kim was very helpful!


Elizabeth Stowe, Switzerland

I slept thru the night!!!

I have been struggling with getting to sleep and waking numerous times throughout the nights for the last 5 years. So this feeling of waking up at 7am is absolutely exhilarating!

I fall into a peaceful sleep listening to Kim’s soothing, calming and loving voice in her recording. Her soothing words are balm for my soul! Kim’s transformational recording she sent me after my RTT session with her is telling me exactly what my subconscious mind always knew but childhood blocks and self doubt along the way have shaded this light within me. Kim is allowing my bright light to shine once again Allowing me to pursue my life dreams with more confidence and tremendous vigour.

During my session with Kim, she made me feel safe and beautifully relaxed as she guided me thru some surprisingly hurtful emotions that I thought I dealt with but she gave me clear understanding along with more freedom and compassion towards myself.

If I run into more blocks, Kim would be my go to RTT therapist! I know she’d give me fast results!

Thank you Kim for my emotional freedom and amazing SLEEP


Lana Goldman, the Netherlands

Kim I am beyond happy. I just got my period, no horrible mood swings, all along painfree, symptom free. Not only that, I normally have a lot of black blood clots. They are all gone. All red healthy blood now 😀 The amount of blood is also back to normal, not too much some months or too little some months.

Now I truly feel what that means by feeling healthy in one’s mind and body. I am in great spirits and have great energy all day long. It is amazing!!! And the best thing is that my PMDD is totally cured. Thanks to you!!!


James Douglas, Taiwan

My leaky gut is being healed beautifully. Kim’s deep inner work and body detox were a life changer for me. I have gone over a decade or maybe even more with leaky guts, many diets, treatments of all kinds, fasting of all kinds.

After the innerwork that was incredibly powerful, Kim suggested to me a very strong detox, which is convincing scientifically. I am a logical scientific kinda guy.

I love that it is not as invasive as some protocols I have done in the past. Yet it is completely powerful. So many disgusting stuffs have left my body, bladder stones, fat, cholesterol from my bile, . . . This experience was eye openning for me and powerful cleansing for my body.

My 3 day fast immidieately afterward was easy breezy, no cravings, full energy. I still went to the gym everyday, to my amazement.

And I haven’t been craving those bad food and drink ever since. My leaky gut is completely healed. I feel like being in my 20s again.

Awesome work, Kim. The healing structure you set up for me works incredibly well. I now wake up early challenging myself everyday at the gym, feel great and full of energy for work and play.

Thank you for getting me back my zest for life that has gone for decades.


Nora Dimauro, South Africa

Kim, you have a remarkable combination of intuition, passion and commitment. Thank you for inspiring me to work on my own mind and live my best possible life.


Hi, thanks for reading.

I am Kim, a serious introvert who has lived two distinct past lives: 20+ years in the East (Vietnam), where I was emerged in a background in physics and profound Eastern philosophy; and 20+ years in the West (America), where I pursued an MBA, worked in corporate finance, became a business owner in pharmaceutical and later found my life calling as a mental health practitioner.

Now, I’m fortunate to lead a healer’s life in Bali, the healing island of the Gods.

Family is super important to me, and my passion for healing past wounds stems from creating deep true connections.

This journey leads to deepening self-understanding, releasing fears, and fostering constructive connections with loved ones—like my goofy daughter Ella, my “banana” partner (yellow outside and white inside ), and my highly self-motivated mother.

Join me in embracing healing and connection!

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