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Most of us go through our entire life carrying the same patterns we got from our caregivers and our societies. It saddens
me to see people with so much potential for a happier, healthier and more harmonious life but they live in forgotten,
distractions and sometimes avoidances and denial.

Most of us would invest so much of our precious time and money in our vehicles, our clothes, even our skin, our hair and
our fitness, but when it comes to the most powerful and most crucial of all: our mental, psychological and emotional
health, we tend to neglect, until it gets so bad, then some of us would start to seek help.

But after many years of being neglected, most of us ended up at the stage of confusion, lost, physical health issues,
relationship issues, career/meaningful work issues, money issues; sometimes, sadly, all of the above.

If you are new here, I recommend to start with the 10 minutes subconscious rewire for a month. You might expect to see
the shifts happen quicker than that 😀

Relax & trust

I am enough


Body healing

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    Relax & trust

    I am enough


    Body healing

    Holistic therapy tailored to your needs

    Kim Dang Therapy is a holistic well-being movement. Together we learn deeply about
    you. I guide and encourage you. Passionately and lovingly. Helping you kickstart an inner revolution of onwership over your well-being. To meet the most
    self-assure and vibrant YOU.
    My Approach

    Over the years, your mind and body have accummulated all sorts of “impurities” that can cause all sorts of problems.

    I work side by side with your own inner wisdom (while you are in a theta brainwave state, a deeply relaxed and peaceful state). Together we guide you through your detox journey on multiple levels:

    • Mentally: Rewiring old thoughts.
    • Emotionally: Recognizing, embracing and releasing deeply buried feelings.
    • Physically: Utilizing advanced scientific body detox protocols that are based on ancient wisdom.
    • Energetically: Incorporating daily breathwork and physical exercises.
    At the same time, we focus on your lifestyle, recognizing it as the primary source of many issues. We adjust your intake—thoughts, feelings, food, drinks, material goods, content, and even people—to prevent the re-accumulation of toxins. Through brainhacking, we reset old habits, creating a shift in thought, feeling, and action patterns.

    About Kim

    It’s our birthright to thrive in
    every aspect of life.
    Hi, lovely to have you here. I’m Therapist Kim. Healing isn’t just my job; it’s
    my life calling, my passion.

    A sport injury in my 20s and a post patrum depression in my 30s prompted
    me to look for ways to improve my emotional and physical wellbeing.

    What unfolded was a journey into the world of psychology, emotional
    intelligence, mindfulness, holistic cleansing, natural diet and nutritients,
    and physical movements with awareness.

    I transformed not only my health but my relationships and my life.
    And I know those of us who seek wellness could benefit greatly from this
    sustainable natural process of cleansing and healing, emotionally and

    This passion for being of service led me to where I am today:
    An US mental health practitioner who devotes her life to holistic way of
    healing and revitalizing, backed by ancient wisdom and advanced science.
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