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Love heals!
And the biggest most important love of all is the one we have for ourselves.

As we heal ourselves, we heal all other aspects of our lives. This is the magical forever blissful song of the ripple effects of the inner healing work that I invite you to tap in, whether through my work or the work of any individual that resonates most with you.

Here are the four stage evolution of my work, my life mission:

Stage 1: Subconscious Rewire, the start of it all: Love is the Key

Love is indeed a transformative force, and my journey with self-love has been deeply personal.

In my 30s, after the birth of my only child, I found myself grappling with suicidal depression, severe hand eczema, and crippling sleep issues.

Western medicine offered temporary relief: Clonazepam for depressants, cortisol cream for eczema and sleeping pills for sleep, all of which cover up my symptoms by telling my body to shut up. I took them because that was the only way to function daily in a survival mode at the time. Yet I was determined to slowly get rid of them when I could.

It wasn’t until I delved into the power of the subconscious that I found true healing.

I uncovered the root cause of my struggles: a lack of love, acceptance, and belonging. I had been hiding my true self, stifling my voice, and conforming to others’ expectations.

Witnessing my own inner transformation ignited a passion within me. I became hungry for knowledge and eagerly delved into mental health studies, realizing a newfound love for learning.

From this passion, I found my life calling, my passion, my work as a healer.

Nowadays, as a mental health practitioner in the US, I integrate various principles and applications from NLP, neuroplasticity, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy. My goal is to guide clients on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, just as I did for myself.

Knowledge is Power. Knowledge about oneself is the Ultimate Power

I firmly believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding oneself. There’s no need for gurus or religions; the healing force lies within each of us, waiting to be tapped into.

We were all born beautiful little babies, totally open and trusting of life, with lots of self-worth and self-esteem.

But life’s experiences can cloud these truths about us. Through understanding, acceptance, and nurturing, we can reclaim our true selves, tap into our own power and blossom into happier, healthier beings.

You’ve always tried the best you could with the Beliefs, Past Wounds and Awareness that you have.

My own journey and my years of working with clients have shown me that inner healing is possible for everyone. It’s simply a matter of feeling understood and accepted, then rediscovering the truths that have always been within us. The journey back to ourselves may take courage, but the rewards are immeasurable.

We were all born with the seeds of compassion and diligence that once watered and nurtured will grow beautifully, shaping us into happier and healthier beings. 

Stage 2: Embracing the Physical Body: Transformation as a whole

In my journey of guiding clients towards holistic well-being, I’ve come to understand the profound connection between our physical and emotional well-being. It’s a lesson I learned firsthand as I navigated my own path to healing.

At this point in my work with clients, I’ve witnessed profound shifts in some, while others seemed to struggle with entrenched patterns. I couldn’t decode right away, no matter how much books, seminars, workshops I delved in.

Then I realized that, just like how each of our relationships reflects different parts of us, the loving parts and the parts that still need healing.

So do our life work.

I’ve experienced moments of profound joy and connection, as well as periods of doubt and disconnection. These ebbs and flows manifested in my health, relationships, and, of course, my healing life work.

So I decided to focus on healing myself even deeper. Yes, depressant, eczema and sleepless nights were now all in the past, which is such a huge reinforcement, concrete evidence that I am going in the right direction. But was I truly healthy in my heart, body and mind?

Good health is having no fatigue; having a good appetite; going to sleep and awakening easily; having a good memory; having good humor; having precision in thought and action; and being honest, humble, grateful, and loving ~ Collected by Louise Hay

It was during this introspective phase that I turned to Pilates as a form of self-care and empowerment. Having suffered wrist injuries from my tennis days, I found solace in Pilates’ emphasis on low-impact, core-focused movements. Serendipitously, a new Pilates studio opened just steps from my home, reinforcing my belief that there are no coincidences, only attractions.

Pilates philosophy resonated deeply with my own beliefs: while we may not control external circumstances, we possess the power to govern our thoughts, feelings, and physical bodies.

Through consistent practice of at least 4 classes a week, I witnessed not only a transformation in my physical strength and flexibility but also a newfound sense of calm and clarity in my mind and heart.

My journey with Pilates didn’t end with personal transformation; it sparked a desire to share its benefits with others. I underwent intensive teacher training, enriching my practice and equipping me with tools to support my clients on their own journeys.

As I delved deeper into the complex and interconnection between mind and body, I discovered that true healing occurs when we address both simultaneously. By nurturing our physical bodies with mindful movement and strengthening our mental resilience through introspection, we amplify the transformative power of our journey tenfold.

Stage 3: Embracing Mindfulness and Meditation: Deepening the Inner Journey

As I focused on nurturing my physical well-being, I recognized the importance of also tending to my mental and emotional health. Meditation emerged as a powerful tool in this holistic approach to healing.

Having practiced Zen meditation and Mindfulness with Plum Village tradition for years, I decided to deepen my practice by undertaking a 15-day online meditation course. Through consistent daily meditation practice, I witnessed profound shifts in my and my clients’ mental landscape.

We observed how mindfulness not only quieted the chatter of our mind but also increased our self-awareness, particularly in challenging situations. This heightened awareness allowed my clients and myself to recognize and navigate triggers with greater ease, fostering a sense of calm and clarity.

The transformative effects of mindfulness and meditation were not just subjective; they were rooted in neurobiology. Scientifically and clinically proven, mindfulness and meditation bring subtle changes in the chemistry and neural pathways of our brain, leading to lasting emotional resilience and inner peace.

Now, I offer this same transformative journey to those I work with. As part of our collaboration, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on the same course that has been instrumental in my own growth. Together, we’ll delve into the practice of mindfulness and meditation, unlocking its potential to catalyze profound personal transformation.

Stage 4: Embracing Detoxification: Renewal and Rejuvenation

My journey towards deep healing led me to discover remarkable detoxification protocols rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which spans over 4000 years. These protocols are designed to effectively eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, yielding visible results that serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of mindful consumption. Witnessing what is expelled from our bodies prompts a reevaluation of the substances we expose ourselves to, like packaging food, alcohol and sugar intake, encouraging healthier choices and lifestyle habits.

Additionally, I immersed myself in the practice of Qi Gong, a holistic approach to wellness deeply ingrained in TCM principles. Through training in Qi Gong, I gained a better understanding of its therapeutic benefits and its alignment with its TCM healing practices.

In Conclusion, now, armed with deeper knowledge of these ancient wisdom traditions that I also fortunately grew up with, I share these transformative techniques with my clients when they are ready.

As I reflect on the evolution of my work, I am grateful for all these healing experiences that have enriched my mind, body, and soul, and for the privilege of accompanying my clients on their own healing journeys.

My path was far from easy, especially at the beginning, when I couldn’t find a way to give myself the self love and acceptance I desperately needed. There was a lot of searching, confusion, mistakes and disappointments, lots of money and time spent unnecessarily, leaving me feeling even more lost and lonely.

Moving forward, my mission remains steadfast: to empower others with self-awareness, tangible tools, and unwavering accountability. Together, we will translate knowledge into action, embracing our true selves in mind, heart, and body, and embracing a life of joy and fulfillment on our own terms


Kim Dang Therapy isn’t about quick fixes or superficial changes; it’s for committed dreamers, courageous seekers, who are ready to transform their lives and contribute to a more peaceful world.


Hi, thanks for reading.

I am Kim Dang, a serious introvert who has lived two distinct past lives: 20+ years in the East (Vietnam), where I was emerged in a background in physics and profound Eastern philosophy; and 20+ years in the West (America), where I pursued an MBA, worked in corporate finance, became a business owner in pharmaceutical and later found my life calling as a mental health practitioner.

Now, I’m fortunate to lead a healer’s life in Bali, the healing island of the Gods.

Family is super important to me, and my passion for healing past wounds stems from creating deep true connections.

This journey leads to deepening self-understanding, releasing fears, and fostering constructive connections with loved ones—like my goofy daughter Ella, my “banana” partner (yellow outside and white inside ), and my highly self-motivated mother.

Join me in embracing healing and connection!

Here is my life journey. 

Here is to have a taste of my work for free, which will probably set you on a new wonderful life path.

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