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Kim Dang

US mental health & holistic wellness practitioner

Life unfolds for our growth, evolution, and true happiness.

Hi, I am pratitioner Kim Dang, I apply ancient wisdom of holistic way of healing and advanced scientific applications in
diagnosis and treatments in my work with clients.

In 2023, after more than two decades dedicated to studying and practicing health and wellness in America, I made a pivotal decision to return to the East, my childhood home. Choosing Bali, the revered island of healing, was a destined move to fully immerse myself in the holistic way of life for myself and extend that knowledge to serve my clients.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate. 

Not only do I love what I do, but I also view it as my life’s true calling. Every exercising class I show up at everyday, every challenge I deliberately face (whether it is embarking on Self Directed learning for our 10-year old this year or taking on more roles in my work with clients) take me one step closer to my humble higher self, where the ripple effects on my health, my family and my life work are striking, sometimes mind-blowing.  

What’s more, the absence of financial pressures allows me to channel all my energy into what truly matters: facilitating authentic healing and transformation in myself and others.

Every aspect of my materially simple life today—the serenity of Bali, the financial freedom, the enriching relationships, the soulful connections, , the stronger mind, the healthier body, and the wonderful opportunities, including the so-call-unwanted challenges that serve as stepping stones for growth—is a testament to the transformative power of inner work.

Through my journey and the journeys of those I’ve had the privilege to guide, I’ve witnessed firsthand the extraordinary potential within each of us to create lives of more joy, ease, vitality, and fulfillment. 



My mission is to help my fellow human beings:
  • Reshape those beliefs that haven’t been working for
  • Address layers of inner emotional wounds,
  • Strengthen their awareness, and
  • Detox their physical body


  • Deep Inner-work
  • Daily Practices, psychological and physical
  • Concrete goal-oriented Actions and
  • Impactful detox protocols stemmed from Ancient
    Wisdom, backed by Science.

Your path to a happier simplier life begins with a single step

In KD land, you find free materials to start a new journey and an appplication for discounts if you are ready to commit to this transformative daily work but can’t afford my work financially.

If you’d like to start right away and book a call with me click below, so I can answer any questions you might have and learn more about you and your journey so far.

Giving back

100% income from my therapy work goes here

I truly believe that when one heals oneself, they heal everyone around them too and break the cycle for every future
generation in their family.

When you invest in your future through working with me, your ripple effect extends further than you could every imagine.
You are contributing to changing the world of those in need too.

One of our biggest values at Kim Dang Therapy is giving back our time and all the money collected to those who need it
and causes close to our heart so we can magnify the ripple effect of our clients.

Together, here are some donations and volunteer work we have made that have helped change lives.


International Rescue Committee – help people affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover and rebuild their lives.

Kiva – KimDangTherapy crowdfunds some green projects in developing countries.

Plum Village – As a Zen meditation practitioner for over 15 years, who also incorporate this practice in her work with clients, I consider Thich Nhat Hanh as my spiritual father, the first and profoundly impactful teacher to me.
Vietnam – Since 2000s, we’ve been collaborating with Buddhist nuns at different monasteries, providing financial support as needed on a case-by-case basis.
In America
The midnight mission – Help homeless individuals in Southern California

CPAF – committed to Ending Domestic and Sexual violence in Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities by breaking through language, cultural and institutional barriers Learn To be – Free online tutoring for underprivileged kids

Narayan Seva Children’s home – a loving sanctuary for 78
marginalized children, in a self-sustaining, holistic

Bali Street Mums – provides desperately needed resources
including shelter, clothing, education, basic health care
and food to the impoverished women and children of
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Realise and live the happy and
fulfilled life of your dreams

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