My Healing Journey

I had no idea how ultimately powerful thoughts (and self talks) are to every human being.

Hi, I am therapist Kim, who is living her dream life: a healer living a materially simple life, on the healing island of the God, Bali, being financially free. My life is not without challenges, yet I’ve learnt to love every part of it . . .

I definitely didn’t get here overnight though. In fact quite the opposite . . .

Growing up I had no idea that Our beliefs create our lives. Growing up in a Buddhist family, I was taught that, be kind, be humble, and good things come to those who are good. And while I still live these beliefs every moment of my everyday life (because these are the beliefs I choose to keep), there are a lot more to thoughts and beliefs and its scientifically proven power to change one’s life.

By the time I was 35, I was ‘having it all” from the outside: a healthy happy new born girl with a loving supportive husband, a beautiful house in a desirable area of West Los Angeles, a small profitable pharmaceutical company, the freedom of an entrepreneur to prioritize the most enjoyable and most challenging life role: being a mother.

From the outside, I was “making it”.

On the inside though, something was missing.

My passion for making high quality holistic supplements for my fellow Vietnamese (let food be thy medicine) that drove me to start my pharmaceutical business back in the 2000s was gone. The healing supplements weren’t sold. Instead, my customers (pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers in Vietnam) ended up ordering expensive products like Collagen, Lamb Placenta and Glutathione, adding huge markups for rich end-users who can afford American pricings in the hope of looking and feeling younger.

As my love and drive were falling apart, so did the company’s achievements and profits.

I felt lost.

Then my beloved father was diagnosed with last stage cancer and was gone within a couple of months before my newborn was 3 months old.

The new mother’s hormones, losing my father my rock, living with my depressed emotionally immature mother who lost her beloved life partner of 40+ years, raising a newborn with sleepless nights, losing purposes in my declining business, it all became too much for me, I fell and fell deeper into postpartum depressant (with loads of daily doses of negative, low self- esteem self talks) without even knowing what was becoming of me.

Life unfolds for our growth, evolution, and true happiness.

From this eye and heart opening journey of 5 depressing years, emerged three vital realizations: the discovery that healing is my true passion, the understanding that I was not living my dream but my mom’s, and the deep trust in my daughter’s life journey of falls and growths.

1st: During my desperate search for the happier self, I have put my mind, body and wallets on:

  • countless modalities of healings (name a modality and chances are I have either researched it extensively, been on the receiving end of it, or maybe even took training courses to give it :D),
  • numerous diets because digestion was a huge problem for me (little did I know then that our gut is our second brain, where physical detoxification and how we eat are just as important as what we eat)
  • many workshops, retreats, training courses online and in person. . . .

Funny how these have all come in super handy now when I am realizing my life mission, my calling as a healer.

2nd: During this process of seeking and healing, I realized Healing is my passion and life work. I realized how limited Western medicine is in treating chronic diseases.

I finally found ways to heal myself from depression (I had to take Clonazepam, a strong depressant pill for 3 months until I slowly peeled it off and completely stopped it after about 7 months), severe eczema, leaky guts and draining sleeping issues.

I also realized I was never truly my authentic self as I was taking on the role of ‘a perfect child’ and was living my whole life up until my late 30s to fulfill, not my dream life, but my mom’s: a stable life with a stable career, only responsible for my own little family, and her ~ my mom.

These days I wake up everyday full of energy and excitement for my day, be it Monday or Saturday. I feel so blessed in my current life, which is mostly selfless assisting those in need.

It is simply the best feeling.

3rd: If I can and did get through this darkness, something seemed impossible for a long time in my life, then anyone can, including my daughter.

Those sleepless nights, those crying-to-exshaustion nights, those feeling that I am stuck in this black hole, those horrible feelings that I make my loved ones miserable, those suicidal thoughts that it is better for me and everyone around me that I am no longer here. . . .

And guess what? Everything finally came together

And I did get through it.

I survived it.

Not only that, I have found ways to heal myself and thrive from it.

Moreover, I now apply them to help people in need of my expertise and experiences.

Through it all, I have manifested this dream healer’s life in Bali, the healing island of the Gods, where I continue to contribute, learn and grow.

And this is one of the sweetest fruits of my self healing journey so far:

If I can come out of the bottom after so many years, at the age of late 30s, I can relax and trust in my own daughter’s life journey of falls and growths.

I am not here to control or to over-protect her. I am here to love and accept her unconditionally, the same love and acceptance I have been cultivating for my own wounded inner child (most of us have a lonely scared inner child longing for our love and attention).

The same self love and self acceptance that I hope you get to learn and someday master.

As someone who has been spending many years on both sides of the healing process, here is what I know now beyond any shadow of a doubt:

  • We are here to enjoy and grow in this physical experience on our abundant mother earth.
  • No matter what we do and where we are in life right now, we are enough, capable and have enough to be truly happy right here and now.
  • We have always been trying the best we could with the set of beliefs, the childhood wounds, and the level of awareness that we’ve got.

What matters is whether we are willing to change and grow from here.

If there is a will, there is a way.

I am here to help you find your unique path, every step of the way, through connecting with your true authentic self and your own inner wisdom.

Today I help self-directed, well-intentioned people like you change the direction of any aspect in your life toward where your heart desires.

I have helped many people turn direction and gain momentum toward a healthier, more connected, more abundant life, be it relationships, physical health, finance or career.

Change can be messy. Vacillation happens. I am here to be by your side in this journey of self healing and self growth for a realistic transition psychologically and physically toward the life you dream and deserve.

My goal is to inspire you and show you that anything is possible.

You can dream it, we can build it.

Come Join my world, a transformative world of healing and growth.

Check out the four stage evolution of my work, where you see its parallel to my own healing stages.


Hi, thanks for reading.

I am Kim, a serious introvert who has lived two distinct past lives: 20+ years in the East (Vietnam), where I was emerged in a background in physics and profound Eastern philosophy; and 20+ years in the West (America), where I pursued an MBA, worked in corporate finance, became a business owner in pharmaceutical and later found my life calling as a mental health practitioner.

Now, I’m fortunate to lead a healer’s life in Bali, the healing island of the Gods.

Family is super important to me, and my passion for healing past wounds stems from creating deep true connections.

This journey leads to deepening self-understanding, releasing fears, and fostering constructive connections with loved ones—like my goofy daughter Ella, my “banana” partner (yellow outside and white inside ), and my highly self-motivated mother.

Join me in embracing healing and connection!

Check out the four stage evolution of my work, a parallel to my own healing journey here

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