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Free Subconscious

Listen to this 10’ audio to rewire your
unsupportive beliefs.
Could we change our beliefs? Absolutely yes.
Beliefs are just habits of thoughts.
And a thought can be changed.

And as we integrate these supportive beliefs with daily
actionable tools, something beautiful happens—we begin to feel
a profound sense of relaxation and trust in ourselves and in life.

It’s in this space that deep healing and lasting transformation
naturally unfold, as the fruits of our commitment and dedication.
Throughout our daily 15-minute journey over the next month, I’ll
be right there with you, guiding you through a proven step-by-
step process. Together, we’ll embark on the journey of natural
healing for your mind and body.

Hey there,

I'm genuinely happy as you choose to improve
your life from the inside out.

Throughout our month together, I'll be sending
you occasional emails to guide you through the
process. Please make sure to follow the
homework step by step.

Think of me as your accountability partner—I
wholeheartedly believe in you, and I understand
that sometimes we all need a gentle push.

I'm here to listen to you—whether it's questions,
updates, insights, realizations, or any doubts or
fears you may have. Keep it short and to the
point, as my team and I are committed to
supporting everyone who needs it.

Love, Kim

Start your
journey today.

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    My clients’ stories
    My leaky gut is being healed beautifully. Kim’s deep inner work and body detox were a life changer for me. I have gone over a decade or maybe even more with leaky guts, many diets, treatments of all kinds, fasting of all kinds. . . . . I love that it is not as invasive as some protocols I have done in the past. Yet it is completely powerful. So many disgusting things have left my body, bladder stones, fat, cholesterol from my bile, . . . This experience was eye opening for me and powerful cleansing for my body.  

    James Douglas, Taiwan
    My clients’ stories
    Within one month of seeing Kim the transformation has been drastic. I find myself with much more energy and motivation and am able to get out of bed early and work steadily throughout the day with full focus. Almost for the first time in my life I feel I have a chance to be happy and successful. I have been able to come off my ADHD medication and completed my dissertation which I had been struggling with for two years without making much progress due to my blocks and fears of failure.   

    Sara Mun, France
    My clients’ stories
    I have known Kim Dang for the past four years, and I can honestly say she is one of the kindest people I have ever met; she is also an exceptional Therapist. Kim has a way of making you feel completely safe and supported, which is essential when holding space for deep psychological healing.  

    Thea Nathan, England
    My clients’ stories
    If I run into more blocks, Kim would be my go to therapist! I know she’d give me fast results! Thank you Kim for my emotional freedom and amazing SLEEP  

    Elizabeth Stowe, Switzerland
    My clients’ stories
    . . . So Kim’s approach speaks to me greatly.   And her delivery is way beyond any expectation. I am being healed mentally and physically. Her detox protocol rids me of some yeast overgrowth that I never knew I had.   I feel lighter, sleep much better at night and my shoulder pain is gone. It is all related. Our body is a miracle. Treat it sacredly and it will thank you by being happy and pain-free.  

    Leon Suarez, Argentina
    My clients’ stories
    Kim, I am beyond happy. I just got my period, no horrible mood swings, all along painfree, symptom free. Not only that, I normally have a lot of black blood clots. They are all gone. All red healthy blood now 😀 The amount of blood is also back to normal, not too much some months or too little some months. Now we will see if it is back to normal next month. I have the feeling it is 😀 Now I truly feel what that means by feeling healthy in one’s mind and body. I am in great spirits and have great energy all day long. It is amazing!!! And the best thing is that my PMDD is totally cured. Thanks to you a million times!!! I am so blessed to receive your miracle help after years of seeking and disappointing.  

    Lana Goldman, The Netherlands
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    Brief answers to

    frequently asked questions
    The theta brainwave state is not merely a state of relaxation; it is a gateway to profound inner peace and understanding. Scientific and clinical research consistently shows that a staggering 75-95% of our thoughts, and consequently our decision-making processes, occur at the subconscious level. This is where deeply ingrained beliefs reside, influencing approximately 85% of our choices. By accessing the theta brainwave state, we tap into this subconscious realm, allowing us to unearth and transform these entrenched beliefs. This state offers unparalleled clarity and insight into our past, our barriers and, most importantly, our solutions. It is the most potent and effective tool for rewiring our subconscious and empowering ourselves to make more conscious and beneficial decisions.
    This method is a brilliant way to uncover the root cause of an issue. By observing the events and experiences in your past, we shed light into your present. You will not relieve anything. Instead you feel completely safe as an observer. What you see may make you sad or joyful, just like what you would feel when you are watching a movie. I am very skillful at this and I will guide you safely in observing the events and experiences in your past without being consumed by them nor re-experiencing any of them. What you see may be a scene of abuse or a trauma, regardless, I am here to support you by creating a safe nurturing space where you can freely express your emotions and heal. You will be more than ok. You will be transformed.
    Now this is a belief that you are holding. Being a bookworm, I could recommend to you hundreds of best-selling books on the subject. Or if and when you are interested in challenging this belief of yours, the opportunities (whether it is a book, a friend, or a circumstance, an event, a seminar . . . ) will present itself. Regardless, no outside information is as powerful as experiencing for yourself with a curious mind and an open heart.
    I’ve been working with doctors and institutions internationally and we have adopted different detox protocols based on your age, sex, symptoms and conditions.  Rest assured all protocols are safe, following international standards. We focus on critical organs, boosting immunity and mental clarity, enhancing overall energy and promoting natural healing. These protocols utilize advanced scientific research, high quality manufacturing processes and are solidly anchored in the holistic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine of 4000 year old wisdom.
    Online sessions are equally as effective as in person sessions. Many of my sessions are delivered online and all the tools are applied in the exact same manner. If you choose to work with me this way, you will receive detailed instructions. All online access is reliable, easy and free, whether it is via Google meet, zoom or facetime.
    Listening to your personalized rewire audio recording is a crucial step of freeing yourself in the long run. The Deep session transforms you. The recording makes sure the transformation lasts.   One of the rules of the mind is that: The mind learns through repetitions. You may get transformed in the blink of an eye. But if you do not reinforce the new you by listening religiously to the recording everyday for at least 28 days (many of my clients choose to listen to it much longer than 28 days simply because it makes them feel so great), at some point, the old dated habit of thoughts and beliefs that have been running your programming for years on end will creep back up.   I have seen it happen with some people. Therefore it is mandatory that you follow all the instructions after the session to assure great results for good.   In scientific terms, it is important to reinforce the new supportive thought patterns repeatedly to imprint the new neural pathway in your brain.
    I work with all ages. My clients mostly range from 10 to 90 years old. No matter what age, I work with clients who willingly choose to work with me (rather than being made to, in one way or another). During our session, I honor the client's choice of issues to address (rather than parents' choices).   If your child is younger than 10 year old, I’d not recommend the Deep session nor the detox protocols. I have helped younger children through NLP, neuroplasticity, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and natural supplements.
    Yes, absolutely. Trust is a crucial foundation for all relationships. All my clients are assured of confidentiality about any stored and disclosed materials, in compliance with professional codes of ethics. I do not contact any of my clients' practitioners or doctors without the client's consent. If my client is a minority, and if there are no immediate needs for safety measures, I will always work closely with my young client and they will feel comfortable enough with me disclosing mandatory information to their caregivers, before I do so.

    Kim Dang Therapy is a non profit organization. You can either start with our Free one month program or apply for financial support here

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